This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Do you find yourself wishing there was someone to regularly share your thoughts with, bounce ideas off of, or process your concerns?  Or maybe you have lost someone important that used to motivate you to take care of your health, and now this responsibility is overwhelming.  You may feel tired, sad, guilty, and have trouble concentrating on mundane tasks like managing bills.  Or maybe the thought of leaving the house to drive to a social event is frightening.  If this sounds like your present situation, please know that you do not have to feel this way for the rest of your life!

It is not your fault.

As human beings, we are made to be in relationship with each other.  We have lived together in groups for tens of thousands of years.  Perhaps your doctor has suggested counseling.  Overwhelming evidence concludes that professional therapeutic relationships are effective in helping people recover from depression, anxiety and bereavement.  Maybe you have thoughts about going to see a counselor, but for one reason or another have not made it into a therapist’s office.

I am a professional talk therapist who can support you in your goals. My name is Narina Schulz.  I am a licensed mental health counselor with years of experience helping thousands of people improve their quality of life.   I offer professional counseling services in the Mendon area.  All counseling sessions involve light exercise such as walking or kayaking.

Please call me at 585-310-2588 to set up your first appointment.

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